Having constant supporters, people who know the cause, can do, want to do 'More' than contribute, are the individuals who also raise awareness, grow empathy and strengthen the CSO/ NGO in all areas.

Raising money in any form takes time, practice, dedication, and skill - precious individuals who volunteer to become a fundraiser need to keep in mind:


  1. Choose your Civil Society Organisation (CSO/ NGO) and create a page for your chosen cause.

  2. Spread your page link to people who know you, ask them to spread to people they know and so it grows

  3. Keep your donors updated on the progress you have made and the impact their donations will make.

  4. You can also contribute and/ or create a 'Wishtree' to fulfill the actual requirements of CSOs/ NGOs - Once funds are collected, get in touch with us, we can help you buy the material and you can go and donate them too! (Know about Wishtree)

  5. Just Create Awareness on projects that you feel for - Contribute/ Promote the existing CSOs / Wishtrees on this site

  6. Volunteer your time, look at the options you can choose from – link to only volunteering option in a general wishtree.