For Corporate

For Companies the ways of involvement for both CSR funding and Employee Engagement, through India Cares is as follows:

Events: Events are a way to get the employees know and involved with your CSR Partners. Also, a time to know the community served through your CSR support.

450+ companies contributing over Rs 60 Cr and engaging over 10K employees in the past decade, some of whom are the top names in the country, have associated with a Cause they want to support through the platforms of TCS World 10k Bengaluru, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and Tata Steel Kolkata 25K over the years, where we are the Philanthropy Partners.


CSR Melas to help Companies connect to small and medium CSOs have been organized by us in association with the India Chamber of Commerce in Delhi and Jamshedpur, while also helping the CSOs/ NGOs prepare proposal synopsis for ready reference.


CSR Support - We support companies in identifying projects and implementation partners. We also enable monitoring and reporting of projects that the company funds. We have associated with Goodera in this work

Anchor Projects: In large projects, that that involve multiple funders and implementers, with benefit Society as a whole or a particular Cause, we act as anchor to the project, responsible for fundraising, implementation through other, monitoring and reporting. Examples:

  • 'EduDaan' was an initiative to help Government Schools in Infrastructure, Teacher Training, WASH and Scholarship. A three-year project supported by the CSR of 7 companies and 7 A+ Private schools in Bengaluru and implemented by one CSO/ NGO working in the space of Education.
  • CPR -Cubbon Park Rejuvenation in collaboration of Friends of Lakes, Biome Environmental Trust and India Cares Foundation, have spent the last 2 years working towards building the water security for the city’s lung space, Cubbon Park.

We have rejuvenated 2 ponds, 7 Traditional Open Wells while interconnecting them to the water sump and made 73 Rainwater Recharge Wells to increase the ground water of the area. This has pushed in over 5,00,00,000 litres of water into the ground in the past 12 months. This will happen year on year for decades now. We foresee that in a couple of years, Cubbon Park can be fully sustain without having to need external water purchase.

Rs 85 lakh was raised from companies and individuals for the project and was dedicated to the city of Bengaluru on World Water Day 2021

Digital WishTree has been developed to help fulfil actual needs of CSOs and as an engagement tool.